Curriculum and Assessment
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Learn about alternative and traditional assessments by reading practical tips provided from research based strategies. Also, learn about course design (particularly useful for introducing a new course to a school or district) and tips for planning an engaging first day of class.

Assessments - Find all the resources available on assessing student learning at the SERC Assessment Site Guide. Of particular importance is the assessment module that outlines different types of assessments and presents information on creating and grading traditional and alternative assessments. Within this module, there is also a section on exam writing tips.

Course Design
Course Design- Educators may find themselves in a position of having to create a new course or having to redesign an existing course. This resource offers insightful information to help educators choose course goals and design a course to meet those goals. There is also a tutorial to walk educators through the process of creating a course.

First Day of Class
Engaging Students on the First Day of Class
- The first day of class sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Engaging students on the first day sends the message that your course will be engaging and interesting for the rest of the term. Many example lessons are presented that effectively engage students on the first day of class.

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