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Economics Examples

Here are examples of undergraduate research experiences in the social sciences that you can use as models for developing your own. You can also consider perusing examples from a wider range of disciplines. Each example includes learning goals, a context for use, a description of project needs, tips related to structuring and supporting the exercise, and means of assessment. Rather than search these by economic subject matter, consider and compare them as examples of forms of undergraduate research–remember that the goal of undergraduate research is the creation of knowledge. A project in, say, urban economics, may have a structure that lends itself well to an udnergradaute reearch experiences on a topic in an altogether different field.

Remember that some of the pedagogical practices described in other parts of Starting Point can be developed as undergraduate research experiences as well. Others can be considered supporting structures for undergraduate research.

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Class-based Activities

Naturalististic Observation


Quantitative Writing Assignments


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Class-based Research Projects

Term Papers and Assignments

Service Learning, Community-based Learning, and Campus-based Learning

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Independent Capstone and Honors Research Experiences

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Student/Faculty Collaborative Research

Summer Research Experiences

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