Initial Publication Date: February 3, 2022


Formative assessment

Each unit of the module includes student handouts and exercises that can be used for formative assessments. In addition, each unit includes a set of short answer questions that can be given to students as homework, on quizzes, or on exams.

Summative assessment

The overarching Module Goals are:

  1. Students will explore the relationship between seismic refraction survey design and subsurface imaging
  2. Students will analyze and interpret seismic refraction data to infer depth to bedrock
  3. Students will estimate the difficulty of completing an urban renewal project, based on their interpretations of seismic refraction data

Summative assessment of these goals can be achieved via the short answer questions embedded within each unit. Alternatively, student performance on the case study exercise in unit 3 can be considered a summative assessment for the module.