Instructor-Only Materials

Some materials available within the IGUaNA-developed modules are designated as only available to instructors. These are primarily answer keys to the assessment materials, and their value would be greatly undermined if they were made broadly available to students. If you are an instructor and would like access to these materials, you can request access by filling out an appropriate form. When you click on an instructor-only file you want to access, you will be directed to this form. Your request will be vetted by a member of the IGUaNA project team and if you are approved you will be notified by email. If you do not already have an account with SERC, you will want to create one, as that is the first step to obtaining access.

Please Do Not Redistribute the Instructor-Only Materials

To ensure the long-term utility of these materials, please do not redistribute them to anyone else, even other faculty members. Once the materials have passed through several hands it becomes dramatically more likely that they will end up in public circulation, since a faculty member who receives them third-(or fourth-)hand may not even be aware of their origin and the motivation to keep them private. Of course we encourage you to direct your peers to this site, where they can get access to the materials in the same way that you have.

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