Project Events and Activities

Workshop on Bringing Geophysics to Introductory Science Courses: Using IGUaNA Modules in Your Classroom

In August, 2022, we will host a workshop on Bringing Geophysics to Introductory Science Courses: Using IGUaNA Modules in Your Classroom. The workshop will take place at the University of Wyoming, where participants will collect near-surface geophysical data, practice teaching effective data acquisition, and explore the IGUaNA curricular modules.

NAGT Webinar

In November, 2021, we presented a webinar entitled The City as Field: Inclusive early-undergraduate geophysics teaching modules to address urban environmental challenges. The webinar showcased how the IGUaNA curricular modules feature the applications of shallow geophysical techniques to societally-relevant, real-world problems that are designed to help attract a more diverse population of students to the geosciences. During the webinar, module authors explained how these modules support the development of students' quantitative and critical thinking skills by providing meaningful opportunities to apply those skills using authentic datasets.

Earth Educators Rendezvous workshop

In July of 2021, we ran a hands-on introduction to the first three curricular modules via a mini-workshop at the Earth Educators Rendezvous: Using Geophysics to Address Societally-Relevant Urban and Environmental Questions in Introductory-Level Geoscience Courses. Participants had the opportunity to explore the curricular materials before they are made publicly available.

Teaching materials development and testing

Teaching materials were developed during the 2019-2020 academic year, with several checkpoints along the way. During the 2020-2021 academic year, several instructors piloted the introductory modules, and the project team collected survey data from instructors and students to refine the instructional materials. Learn more about the module development and pre-publication review process.

October 2019 project team meeting

In October 2019, the project team met in Newark to plan the development of the curricular modules, discuss the specific content of each module, and formulate a timeline for material development. We also drafted the rubric by which we will evaluate the modules and discussed how we will assess student learning for each module. Project team members can access the agenda and other materials for this meeting in our password-protected private workspace.

June 2019 planning workshop

In June 2019, we held an Urban and Environmental Geophysics Course Planning Workshop at the University of South Florida. This workshop brought together professors and teaching professionals from a broad range of institutions to develop and share course materials related to Urban and Environmental Geophysics. Read the workshop report.