Initial Publication Date: October 2, 2017

Assessment of Module Goals

Unit 5: Hazard Mapping is the summative assessment for the module. It is comprised of three parts. In Part 1, students synthesize map data to analyze the mass-wasting hazards in the region. In Part 2, students prepare a written report outlining and providing evidence for their interpretation of what mass-wasting hazards are present in the region. In Part 3, students reflect on how their thinking has evolved over the course of the module and how that might influence future actions. Refer to Unit 5 for details on the summative assessment.

The summative assessment is designed to assess the overarching Module Goals:

  1. Students will use geodetic data to analyze landscape characteristics and use them as indicators of mass wasting hazards
  2. Students will articulate the societal effects of mass wasting events and consider the role of natural and human-caused changes in the mass wasting potential for a given landscape.