Eyes in the Sky Student Research Project Submission Form: PowerPoint Presentation

Directions: Use this form to share the results of your research with other students as a PowerPoint Presentation.

Note: Leaving this page erases any data you have entered. Therefore, we encourage you to first complete the Word document template and then copy and paste from it into this online form.

Right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) on the link below to download the Word document template to your computer.
PowerPoint Submission Form Template (Microsoft Word 122kB Apr22 11)

Representative image (Maximum image size: 550 pixels wide X 600 pixels high): Upload an image that represents your research project. This might be a photograph you took or a map or graphic that you created. Do not show people's faces or other identifying features unless your teacher has obtained written permission from them to publish the image on the Web. If the image includes yourself and/or other students, then permission must be obtained from your parents and/or theirs. If you use an image from the Web, make sure that it is in the public domain. Images should be in jpeg or gif format and be no more than 550 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

NOTE: Information typed into the "Description" box will be displayed as a caption for your image.

Geospatial Technology Tool(s): Indicate the geospatial technology tools you used by checking all that apply.

Upload your PowerPoint presentation in the following formats:

Original PowerPoint Presentation (required)
Upload PowerPoint documents that present your project.
PowerPoint Presentation in PDF format (required)
Upload a PDF document of your PowerPoint presentation.
QuickTime Movie (optional)
Upload your PowerPoint Presentation as a QuickTime Movie. If you have technical difficulties converting your PowerPoint to QuickTime, have your teacher email Eyes in the Sky staff members for assistance.

Include any of the following supporting documents:

Excel Spreadsheets
Upload Excel documents containing your project data and resulting analyses you carried out.

PDF documents
Upload additional PDF documents.

Geospatial Data
Upload images, shapefiles, KML files, or GPS datasets so that others can try to replicate your results.
Flash Animations
Upload flash animations. NOTE: Your flash animation will display as a downloadable file. It will not animate onscreen.