Graduate Credit Announcement

If you are thinking about purchasing 3 graduate credits through Northern Arizona University (NAU) for the Eyes in the Sky II online course, now is the time to begin the process. Please complete the form below by July 15, so we can submit your name to NAU to clear it for in-state tuition costs.

Tuition and fees for the course will cost $1031. Officially, the NAU class will start August 30th and end September 17th. You have already completed all of the work and successfully passed the course. You will simply need to register and pay your tuition and fees to receive the 3 graduate credits.

NOTE: If you plan to purchase the credits, the first step is to register with the NAU Graduate College as a non-degree, on-line, graduate student for Fall semester 2010. Click here to register online. Registration costs $35, and you are required to have a bachelor's degree (NAU Graduate College takes your word for this, so no transcripts need to be presented). You should do this as soon as possible, as right now is a "slow" period for the university. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to process your application.

Payment for tuition and fees is due by August 1, 2010. You need to enroll in the course before that date. Course enrollment is separate from the process of registering as a non-degree, online, student.

Will you be purchasing graduate credits?