Initial Publication Date: July 3, 2010


Announcement 7

Please read these announcements for the week of July 2, 2010-July 8, 2010
  1. Thanks to all the JSC Workshop participants! Your hard work and professionalism made the workshop a success! We are honored to know you and look forward to our continuing collaboration.
  2. Bring a photo ID to the JPL workshop. Unlike the JSC workshop, we will be behind security lines the entire time in a "badged area." It is essential that you have your ID.
  3. Get ready for your summer workshop by doing the following:
    • Make sure the laptop you will be bringing to the workshop has all the appropriate software installed. At the workshop, we will be using the same software we used during the online course. If you are bringing a computer to the workshop that is different from the computer you used during the online course, please be sure to download and/or install ImageJ, GIS software (AEJEE and/or ArcGIS), and Google Earth before arriving at the workshop.
    • Review key skills and sticking points. If you didn't have time to complete all of the activities during the online course, we recommend that you go back and give them a try before the workshop. This will help you review what you learned and identify places where you still feel you could use some extra help.
    • Re-watch movies from the online course.
    • Prepare a list of questions or topics you would like us to address at the workshop. If there is something you really want to be reviewed or covered at the workshop, feel free to send us an email with your request. We can't promise to get to everything, but we'll do our best to accommodate your requestsparticularly those we receive in advance of the workshop.
  4. Pack smart. At JPL, we will be participating in two walking field trips. In addition to your laptop (and power cord), which you must have with you at the workshop, here are some other things you might consider packing:
    • comfortable clothes and shoes: The dress code for the workshops is fairly casual. We will also likely be doing some walking on a few days, so make sure you have comfortable shoes for getting around.
    • a light sweater or jacket: Although the weather outside will probably be pretty hot, we'll be inside in the air conditioning most of the day, so if you tend to get a little chilly, you'll probably want to have a light sweater or jacket.
    • refillable water bottle
    • notepads, pens/pencils for taking notes
    • camera: We have confirmed that cameras are allowed onsite at the three NASA centers, though there are some things you will not be allowed to photograph.
    • umbrella or rain jacket in case it rains
    • spending money: The Eyes in the Sky II project will be covering your room and board during the workshop, but it's a good idea to have some spending money for incidentals or souvenirs.
    • government-issued photo ID
  5. Watch for a working agenda for the JPL Workshop in the next few days. One aspect of the schedule that has been firmed up is that we have reserved the evenings of Friday, July 9th and Sunday, July 11th for free time. We will be providing you with dinner at 6 PM each day. On Friday and Sunday, after that, your time will be your own.
  6. We look forward to meeting the JPL participants! If you are able, meet in the lobby at 5 PM on Tuesday, July 5th to say "Hello". Otherwise, we'll see you Wednesday morning bright and early (7:30 AM in the lobby).
  7. Bring personal photos to use in a Google Earth tour. On the first day of each workshop, we will review how to make a Google Earth tour. We will then ask each of you to create a short tour to introduce yourself to your colleagues. If you'd like to include personal photos in your tour, make sure to have them loaded onto your laptop before arriving at the workshop.
  8. Graduate credit info update. Northern Arizona University will be providing you the option to purchase graduate credits for the online course you completed. At this time, the university has decided to officially list the course for the fall semester, which in Arizona actually begins in August. You will have received your first $1,000 stipend for the summer workshop by then so that you can decide if you want to use those funds to purchase the credits or alternately, if you are able to get your school to cover the cost, that is fine too. The first step will be to register as a non-degree student. More info about this will be available soon.
  9. Follow the JPL workshop by checking the daily agendas throughout the week. We will be posting data and continuing to grow the agendas as we facilitate the workshop.
  10. No Announcements next week. We will be busy facilitating the JPL workshop. Our next announcement will be on July 16th.