Meet the EvaluateUR Method team

The EvaluateUR Method team is led by Jill Singer and includes collaborators from SUNY Buffalo State University and the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College.

Contact Jill Singer at with questions about the EvaluateUR Method or any of the programs.

Jill Singer

SUNY Buffalo State University

EvaluateUR Director and Co‑Developer

Sean Fox

SERC at Carleton College

EvaluateUR Technical Director

Daniel Weiler

Dan Weiler Associates

Co-Developer, EvaluateUR Method

Emma Binder

Resource Designer

John Draeger

SUNY Buffalo State University

Metacognition Scholar

Maureen Kahn

SERC at Carleton College

Information Design and Web Development

Jill Zande

President/Executive Director, MATE Inspiration for Innovation

Bridget Zimmerman

Nautilus Evaluation

Statistician and External Evaluator