Welcome to EvaluateUR-CURE!

You are using EvaluateUR-CURE, or E-CURE for short, this semester.

What is E-CURE?

E-CURE complements the course-based undergraduate research (CURE) that you are doing. E-CURE involves a series of online assessments, followed by conversations led by your CURE instructor. E-CURE is designed to provide you with feedback about your progress in the course, as well as to help you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses using a set of outcomes that are important in your education and highly valued in the workplace. The amount of time it takes for you to use E-CURE is very modest and the benefits more than offset the time invested.

It is very important to remember that the assessment scores you assign to yourself, and those assigned by your CURE instructor, are not used in calculating your course grade.

How Will E-CURE Benefit You?


By participating in E-CURE, you will:

  • Learn and practice the discipline of realistic self-assessment
  • Be introduced to a comprehensive list of competencies and skills considered essential to additional education and in the workplace
  • Gain experience communicating in your discipline
  • Gain confidence and greater self-awareness as you track your academic growth



How Do I Use E-CURE?


You will receive automated emails which will prompt you with instructions.

Once you have set up your password-protected account, you'll be able to view your progress on your dashboard.  Access my Dashboard


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