Initial Publication Date: July 5, 2011

Climate and the Biosphere: Links and Resources by Lab

General Resources

Climate and Forests


Lab 1: Climate, Weather, and Trees

Lab 1A

Lab 1B

Lab 1C

Lab 1D

Lab 2: Climate and Earth's Energy Balance

Lab 2A

Lab 2B

Lab 2C

Lab 3: Climatology Basics

Lab 3A

Lab 3B

Lab 3C

Lab 4: Climate Patterns and Life

Lab 4A

Lab 4B

Lab 5: Extreme Weather Patterns

Lab 5A

Lab 5B

Lab 5C

Lab 5D

Lab 6: Trees and Paleoclimate

Lab 6A

Lab 6B

Lab 6C

Lab 7: Future of the Forest

Lab 7A

Lab 7B

Lab 7C