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Google Earth

Google Earth is an online mapping and visualization software that enables users to combine geographic information with satellite imagery. It allows layering of images and provides the means to determine relationships between "stacked" visualizations. It reads formatted KML files. This tool provides users with a way of manipulating Earth views through rotating, tilting, and zooming in and out.

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GoogleHeadquartered in Mountain View, CA.
Google Earth is based on technology from Keyhole, a company which Google acquired in 2004.

Tool Cost

Google Earth is a free download offered by Google. Other, more powerful versions are available for purchase.

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User Guide:

Tool 2

My World GIS

My World GIS™ is a Geographic Information System (GIS) designed specifically for use in middle school through college classrooms. It was developed by the Geographic Data in Education (GEODE) Initiative at Northwestern University as part of a research program on the adaptation of scientific visualization and data analysis tools to support inquiry-based learning. My World GIS gives learners access to a variety of geographic data, enabling users to explore critical issues about the environment, geography, geology, demography, history, and much more. Its features include customizable display of layer variables, multiple geographic projections, table and map views of data, distance-measurement tools, and buffering and query operations.

Tool Builder

The Geographic Data in Education (GEODE) Initiative at Northwestern University with funding from the National Science Foundation.

Tool Cost

A free trial version is available for 45 days.

Tool Help

My World Online Help Center

My World Tool and Button Guides in pdf

The following guides can be downloaded to help with the use of the program: