Part 3—Prepare Report

Step 1 –
Conduct Research

NOTE: This chapter was retired from the EET collection after CIESIN's Demographic Data Viewer became unavailable. The pages are available here for reference.

In addition to the analyses you have carried out, use the U.S.-Mexico DDViewer to create maps that compare the population of the place where you live with the examples of New York City and southern New Mexico.

Consider these questions in your analyses:

  • What makes an area rural or urban? Which of these two words best describes your location?
  • What are some of the different issues that rural and urban areas face?
  • Step 2 –
    Draft an Outline

    List the population characteristics (demographics) that you explored and write a summary explanation of each kind of data you mapped. You may want to describe your own interpretation of what relatively high and low values in various categories of the data might mean about peoples' lifestyles in those areas.

    Step 3 –
    Gather Images

    To add maps from the U.S.-Mexico DDViewer to a report, you will need to take screen shots of the maps, then copy and paste them into your word processing or presentation document. Use "Alt-Print Screen" on Windows OS computers for a screenshot of the active window. Use Command-Shift-3 if you're using Mac OS.

    Step 4 –
    Complete Report

    Consult other resources and assemble all your information to document your exploration of population characteristics. Return to the questions you considered at the beginning of the chapter and address these in your report:

    • How would living in New York City be similar to and different from living in southern New Mexico?
    • How do urban and rural populations compare across regions, states, and counties in the US?