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EDU 551-4105 DataTools: Weaving Data Analysis into the Science Curriculum

Course Grading, March 2008

The DataTools program has a variety of components, including workshops, online events, and classroom implementation. You are expected to participate in *all program events on a regular basis and in a meaningful way. For each event, you will be graded against the identified expectations for that event. The percent of your grade coming from each program component is listed in the table below. 50% of your grade will be based on two investigation plans and classroom implementation reports that you will submit during the fall and spring of next school year. In the spring of 2009, after fulfilling all program requirements, you will receive three graduate credits.

*We understand that there may be times that you cannot participate in a particular event. If we are informed in advance of a conflict, it will be possible to arrange to make up the work.

DataTools Program Component Percent Weight
Three face-to-face one-day meetings (Spring 08, Fall 08, Spring 09) 10%
Four Web conference workshops (Spring 08) 10%
Summer Workshop (July 08) 20%
Four online events (Fall 08, Spring 09) 10%
First Investigation Plan & Report (Fall 08, Spring 09) 25%
Second Investigation Plan & Report (Fall 08, Spring 09) 25%

Right-click on a PC or control-click on a Mac to download the Course Grading (Microsoft Word 26kB Mar13 08) information as a Word document.