Step-by-Step Instructions

Part 1Download Software and Data

Download My World GIS software, an Urban Heat Island project file, and GLOBE surface temperature data for December 3, 2008.

Part 2Launch My World GIS and Import Data From File

Launch My World GIS, practice moving around on the map, and then import the GLOBE surface temperature data.

Part 3Explore GLOBE Surface Temperature Data

Explore the data in the GLOBE surface temperature layer by sorting the records in its table. Then edit the appearance of the layer by changing symbol size and color. Last, use a histogram to gather statistics.

Part 4Prepare Data for Analysis

Explore U.S. county population data in Ohio to consider factors that might affect surface temperature. Then subset the GLOBE Temperature Data and limit its coverage to short grass. Next, buffer cities with a population greater than 50,000.

Part 5Examine Spatial Relationships Between Cities and the Urban Heat Island Effect

Select data based on spatial location, gather statistics, and compare mean surface temperature for urban and rural school sites.

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