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Clickers As an Alternative to Scantrons

William L. Goffe, SUNY Oswego
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Scantrons and related paper-based technologies have been used for decades to record students' answers on multiple choice exam. Some models of clickers can be used as an alternative.

Learning Goals

There is no specific learning in this activity; rather it describes how this new technology can be used as a replacement for a long-used technology.

Context for Use

This activity can be used for at any educational level or institution type that wishes to replaced paper recording of multiple choice exams.

Description and Teaching Materials

Clickers are typically thought of as a classroom technology that is used to assess student learning or to survey students. However, some models allows students to answer multiple questions at their own pace. Thus, one could use them to replace a paper-based multiple-choice exam.

Teaching Notes and Tips

Some instructors might not be comfortable using a technology without a "paper trail" for exams. Also, not all vendors offer this capability (those that do often use the term "self-paced"). When it is offered, it might not allow more than one ordering of the questions, making cheating more likely.


Not Applicable.

References and Resources

Here are vendor links to using clickers this way (as links and features change rapidly, you will likely want to check with your vendor):

How to Use Self Paced Mode for Testing

Interwrite PRS RF Clicker Overview

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