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I'm an associate teaching professor at Penn State. In addition, I'm an associate editor of the Journal of Economic Education and am a member of the AEA's Committee on Economic Education. I also enjoy conducting economics education research and have a great interest in evidence-based teaching methods. These are becoming a hallmark of STEM teaching and I deeply feel that they should be part of economics instruction as well.

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Plotting Inflation and a Recession in P-Y Space (an Essential Skill for AD-AS Analysis) part of Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics:Teaching Methods:Team-Based Learning:Activities
Students learn to move between two representations of the same phenomena-time series and a graph-to show recession and inflation, an essential skill for connecting AD/AS analysis to time series plots of macro ...

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Professor, SUNY Oswego 416 Mahar Hall Oswego, NY 13216 Phone:315-657-5014 Background Information I received my PhD from UNC Chapel Hill in 1990 and is an associate editor of the Journal of ...

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