Two-Year College Economics Instruction in Four Regions

In preparation for the 2011 - 2012 outreach and workshop effort, surveys were conducted in four regions: Texas; California; Washington and Oregon; and Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia.

Preferred workshop approach

Based on responses from 44 institutions, the order of preference was:
  1. Workshops brought to campus
  2. Regional meeting
  3. Online workshop
  4. One-on-one consultation with an expert
    See summary table of responses (Microsoft Word 45kB Apr29 11)

Regional surveys

For information on the size of campuses and administrative structures, click on a region
For information on faculty development resources and full-time / part-time instruction, click on a region.


California - Amber Casolari, Riverside Community College
Maryland/Virginia/DC - John Min Northern Virginia Community College
Texas - Linda Wilson University of Texas- Arlington
Washington/Oregon - James Peyton Highline Community College

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