Two-Year College Economics Instruction in Four Regions

In preparation for the 2011 - 2012 outreach and workshop effort, surveys were conducted in four regions: Texas; California; Washington and Oregon; and Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia.

Preferred workshop approach

Based on responses from 44 institutions, the order of preference was:
  1. Workshops brought to campus
  2. Regional meeting
  3. Online workshop
  4. One-on-one consultation with an expert
    See summary table of responses (Microsoft Word PRIVATE FILE 45kB Apr29 11)

Regional surveys

For information on the size of campuses and administrative structures, click on a region
For information on faculty development resources and full-time / part-time instruction, click on a region.


California - Amber Casolari, Riverside Community College
Maryland/Virginia/DC - John Min Northern Virginia Community College
Texas - Linda Wilson University of Texas- Arlington
Washington/Oregon - James Peyton Highline Community College

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