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Community College Organization in Texas

All public institutions of higher education in the state of Texas are governed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THEBC). The regional accrediting body for these institutions is the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The community colleges in Texas are organized either as independent community colleges or multi-campus community college districts. The independent colleges are governed by a chancellor and other executive officers. The multi-campus districts have a chancellor for the district, but each campus has its own set of executive officers including a president. Within a multi-campus district, each campus/college/site which represents a significant administrative structure is required to report individually to the THECB. A campus/college/site is defined as having significant administrative structure when it has its own president or provost, chief instructional officer, and other administrative officers. The Coordinating Board (CB) requires multiple-campus community college districts to submit separate reports for each college/campus in the taxing district.

Community College Enrollment in Texas – Fall 2009 (Fall 2010 data is still preliminary)

State: Texas
Number of institutions: 71
Enrollment: 669,811

Full-time enrollment 30.40%
Part-time enrollment 69.60%
Ratio of adult population: 2.70% (population = 24,782,302)

College District Enrollment
Alamo 58,638
Northeast Lakeview 573
Northwest Vista 14,587
Palo Alto 8,335
San Antonio 24,135
St. Philip's 11,008
Alvin 5,189
Amarillo 10,945
Angelina 5,386
Austin 37,850
Blinn 16,855
Brazosport 3,866
Central Texas 11,873
Cisco 4,226
Clarendon 1,422
Coastal Bend 4,162
College of the Mainland 3,916
Collin 24,517
Dallas 69,012
Brookhaven 10,216
Cedar Valley5,549
El Centro9,144
Mountain View7,575
North Lake10,400
Del Mar 12,007
El Paso 26,068
Frank Phillips 1,171
Galveston 2,167
Grayson 4,712
Hill 4,290
Houston 42,104
Howard 4,080
Howard 3,965
SW Collegiate Institute 115
Kilgore 6,330
Laredo 9,227
Lee 6,542
Lone Star 55,491
Kingwood 8,509
North Harris12,860
McLennan 9,117
Midland 6,220
Navarro 9,124
North Central Texas 9,037
Northeast Texas 2,916
Odessa 5,132
Panola 2,109
Paris 5,580
Ranger 996
San Jacinto 30,449
San Jacinto Central14,109
San Jacinto North6,249
San Jacinto South10,091
South Plains 9,962
South Texas 26,334
Southwest Texas 5,767
Tarrant 48,903
South 10,975
Southeast 12,351
Trinity River3,446
Temple 5,659
Texarkana 4,317
Texas Southmost 13,195
Trinity Valley 6,796
Tyler 11,045
Vernon 3,167
Victoria 4,032
Weatherford 5,370
Western Texas 2,470
Wharton 6,622
TOTAL 669,811

Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board