American Psychological Association Committee of Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC) was established in 2001 to:

  • represent community college psychology teachers
  • promote, within the 2-year college community, the highest professional standards for teaching psychology as a scientific discipline with applications to a wide range of human concerns;
  • cultivate a professional identity with the discipline of psychology among psychology teachers at 2-year colleges;
  • develop leadership qualities among psychology teachers at 2-year colleges and increase their participation and representation in professional psychology activities and organizations; establish and maintain communication with all groups involved in the teaching of psychology and with the greater psychological community;
  • encourage psychological research on teaching and learning at 2-year colleges for the purpose of giving students the best possible educational opportunities.

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology The Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP)'s mission is to promote excellence in the teaching and learning of psychology. The society is for those teaching in a university, two or four-year college, or high school, tenured, adjunct, or teaching assistant. STP provides resources and services ranging from pedagogically-sound sample syllabi, class demonstrations, and E-books to the Teaching of Psychology journal.

Psi Beta mission is to promote professional development of psychology students in two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.


PT@CC has designated slots for presentations and receptions at the American Psychology Association national meetings (five hours of programming in 2010))PT@CC members hosted events at the annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association (WPA) and the Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology Reading

Other regional conferences include:



Specifically for community college psychology instruction: PT@CC Electronic Update Listserv mailto:PTATCC@lists.apa.orgSubscribe to share ideas, discuss concerns, and get the latest news on PT@CC. 

Other listservs:

  • PsychTeach Listserv a moderated discussion list for teachers of psychology at all levels of education that is owned and operated by the The Society for the Teaching of Psychology
  • TIPS: Teaching in the Psychological Sciences Listserv Subscription questions should be directed to Bill Southerly at


Psychology Teacher Network is a a quarterly publication of the American Psychological Association Education Directorate. Subscriptions are free to high school and community college teacher affiliates of APA and APA members. The newsletter contains articles describing research or topics of special interest to teachers of psychology, book reviews and teaching tips, activities and demonstrations.

Teaching of Psychology: Official Journal of the Society for the Teaching of Psychologya source book for teaching methods and as a forum for new ideas. Dedicated to improving the learning and teaching process at all educational levels.



"The State of Psychology at Community Colleges, 2009 Salvador Macias, et alAmerican Psychological Association August 18, 2009 In 2008 APA's Committee for PT@CC conducted a survey of community college faculty in the US. about faculty status (full time, adjunct status, other employment), educational level, demographics, work load (courses per term, campus and community service), courses taught, professional activity, teaching "style" (distance education, service-learning, learning communities, technology used), etc. 1,800 responses representing over 600 community colleges. presentation slides



PT@CC Adjunct Faculty Resource Manual Resources from veteran teachers of psychology on how to best teach an introductory psychology course at a community college.

As community colleges ramp up their psychology research programs, they're easing the way for students who dream of doctorates American Psychological Association's monthly publication, Monitor on PsychologyMarch 2011

Community Colleges' Increased Role Rebecca A. Clay American Psychological Association 2009

Teaching Psychology at the Community College Jerry Rudman 2003

Toward a Model for Undergraduate Research in Psychology at the Two-Year College Jennifer O'Loughlin-Brooks and Valerie T. Smith (Page 132) 


PT@CC Teaching Resources Award sponsored by the APA Education Directorate and PT@CC, the Teaching Resources Award aims to encourage sharing of instructional techniques that community college faculty have developed and used in face-to-face, hybrid, or online psychology classes. The committee is interested in receiving teaching activities, resources, presentation slides, or other materials, along with a brief description of the teaching resource, what class it is used in, what topic is covered, and evidence of its effectiveness. The winning entries are posted on the PT@CC website.

Excellence in Psychology Award Certificates Current PT@CC members can download certificates to facilitate recognition of their outstanding psychology students, as well as submit their students' names for recognition on the APA Web site. 

Student Presentation Contest Supported through funding by the APA Education Directorate and Allyn & Bacon Publishing Company, the Student Presentation Contest recognizes innovative and high quality electronic presentations. The PT@CC Student Presentation Contest aims to promote active learning through the submission of psychology student presentations in either of the following categories:

  • Presentations designed as demonstrations or teaching modules that illustrate and explain a psychological concept, theory, or research discovery.
  • Presentations that illustrate and explain a service-learning experience or other application of psychology in the community.