American Historical Association (AHA) maintains a resource page for two-year faculty. The AHA is the largest non-profit historical society in the U.S. also serves as the umbrella organization for 112 affiliated history societies, for academic and public historians, and for teachers and students in all fields of history.

Organization of American Historians (OAH) offers professional development and networking for community college instructors. The quarterly OAH Magazine of History is a particularly useful resource for improving teaching and learning in history.

Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) offer sessions on teaching, and assessment at national and regional meetings and sponsors NEH summer institutes, some specifically for community college faculty.


At its annual meeting, the American Historical Association hosts a reception for its community college members.

At its annual meeting the Organization of American Historians offers sessions focus on community college issues and pedagogy.


Organization of American Historians sponsors annual community college workshops .
  • They are three-day experiences presenting new historical themes as well as the latest historical research in traditional themes to college survey instructors.
  • To reach a wide audience of historians, the annual workshop is held in a different U.S. location each year.
  • Stipends up to $200 are offered to fifty community college faculty participants, both full and part time/adjunct.
  • The workshops typically include a daylong offsite session utilizing local history sites and resources.

The National Endowment for the Humanities sponsors summer institutes some specifically for community college instructors providing:

  • one-week programs will give participants direct experiences in the interpretation of significant historical and cultural sites and the use of archival and other primary evidence
  • stipends to cover expenses
  • opportunities for adjunct and part-time lecturers as well as full-time faculty are eligible to apply including librarians and administrators.

Online networks

CCHistory is an online network for historians teaching in the community college system. Members use the network to discuss issues of teaching and research, to share experiences and news, and to learn about professional development opportunities such as conferences, workshops, job announcements and calls for papers.


Research and the Classroom: A view from the Community College by Emily Sohmer Tai from Perspectives Online 2006.

How I Learned to Quit Whining and Started to Enjoy Teaching at a Community College and Why You Might Want to Consider Doing the Same by David Arnold from Perspectives Online 2005.


Organization of American Historians publishes a large number of print and online resources that serve instructors across educational levels including two year colleges. See

Teaching History—A Journal of Methods actively recruits community college historians to write for the journal.