Planet Texas 2050

Project Leader: Tessa Green

Program Description

Based at The University of Texas at Austin, Planet Texas 2050 is a research grand challenges program that brings together researchers from 14 colleges, schools, and units across campus to discover critical interactions between environmental and human systems and develop strategies to improve their resilience in the face of changing climate, climate extremes and rapid population growth. The team focuses on understanding the interconnectedness of four critical resource systems: energy, water, ecosystem services (e.g., land resources), and urbanization. Planet Texas 2050 could contribute to regional pathways by sharing expertise in these areas, as well as expertise in the integration of data/findings from these resource systems.

Planet Texas 2050 is developing tools that incorporate data from different disciplines, and will be making these tools accessible to others. The team also will be exploring ways to compel ethical and mindful behavioral change in response to environmental dilemmas, and will be working with local municipalities, nonprofits, corporations and other community stakeholders to develop programs and policy suggestions.

Program Focus

Undergraduate education

Program Operations