Initial Publication Date: August 5, 2015

Blueprint: UTEP Upward Bound Summer Geoscience Program

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This blueprint integrates elements of STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics — into a program that combines field learning with classroom instruction based on the DIG Texas Blueprints units. The approach, developed for UTEP's summer geoscience Upward Bound Geoscience program, includes local geology field trips and a project-based learning activity in which students use geospatial technologies to create Earth Science story maps about their field experiences. Story maps incorporate resources from the Dig Texas Blueprints units in combination with online interactive maps and multimedia content into elegant products in order to tell an Earth Science story. Each student's story map is a unique product comprising their own notes, reflections on the field trip, and charts, graphs, or other products selected from the DIG Texas Blueprints units that served as the basis for their classroom instruction.

A "How To" document for the Dig Texas website that will aid high school teachers interesting in implementing this technology-driven innovation in their classrooms will be provided.

To open a unit or an activity in a new tab or window, right click the unit or activity link and select the preferred option.


  1. Fossil Record and Evolution
  2. Mapping Earth
  3. Natural Hazards: Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
  4. The Solar System
  5. Peering into the Universe

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