DIG Texas Instructional Blueprints for Teaching Earth and Space Science

Project summary

DIG Texas created example online course "road maps", or blueprints, for use in high school Earth and Space Science classes. Each of our blueprints details specific units for a one-year Earth Science course (scope and sequence) and is linked online to a curated collection of exemplary, high quality, research-based Earth system science learning activities. A blueprint documents what to teach, in what order, for how long, and identifies which online resources to use of the thousands available.

DIG Texas also has created a "road map" for teaching an immersive geoscience summer programs, lasting about one week.

GeoForce Texas 12th Grade Summer Academy

Set in Austin with field excursions to the Texas Hill Country and Llano Uplift, and visits to labs in UT Austin's Jackson School of Geoscience, the weeklong program blends field excursions with in-class activities. Curriculum follows the STAR Legacy Cycle STAR Legacy Cycle model in which specific challenges drive learning as a collaborative experience. Each challenge contains a set of goals, and through active achievement of those goals, learners acquire knowledge and skills. Learners practice tasks that are real and adopt the practices of discipline experts.

The second example was developed for the Upward Bound Program offered at the University of Texas at El Paso.

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