Student Learning Outcomes

Department of Geology & Astronomy, West Chester University

Students will

  1. demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to sustain a successful geoscience career (Department Goals 1, 4, 5, 7).
  2. demonstrate the ability to conduct scientific research and skills in information literacy (Department Goal 3).
  3. respond to the technical, educational, and cultural needs of the University and larger communities (Department Goals 6, 8).

Department Goals

In keeping with our mission, we aspire to maintaining and strengthening our roles as:

  1. Broad and thorough educators in the sciences of geology and astronomy at both the undergraduate and postbaccalaureate levels.
  2. Providers of training and retraining (including teacher certification) for educators in the fields of earth and space sciences, ranging from elementary and secondary education to graduate training of future faculty.
  3. Contributors to scholarly advancement in the areas of basic research, application, and pedagogy within the geosciences and astronomy.
  4. Leaders in the applications of advanced technologies to earth sciences, by providing students with training in the use of tools they will need to succeed in their chosen fields.
  5. A leading program in environmental education, with application to students working or teaching in the environmental field.
  6. Providers of expertise and facilities for use by the local business community.
  7. A program with the flexibility to expand to other areas of geoscience which provide employment for our graduates in response to the unique and cyclical nature of geoscience employment opportunities.
  8. Resources for state and local problems of geological and astronomical importance, bringing the unique perspective of the earth and space sciences to bear on the decision-making processes within our communities.