Initial Publication Date: April 13, 2015

Mission Statements

Geology Department, Miami University

The Department's missions are broadly defined to reflect our strong commitments to the integration of high quality teaching and internationally prominent research at all levels, to recognize and respond to the continuing evolution of Geology as an interdisciplinary science, and to promote awareness of the role that Geology plays in modern society.

Mission of Miami Plan Contributions

At the level of Miami Plan Foundation courses, the mission of the Department is to provide non-majors with a diverse and high quality selection of introductory courses that address Earth processes and the relationships between humankind and the natural environment. These goals are carried forward in the Geology Thematic Sequence options where students are provided with opportunities to investigate in greater depth modern approaches to understanding these complex processes and relationships.

Mission of the Baccalaureate Program

The mission of the undergraduate programs is to provide a high-quality education in a scholarly environment that enables graduates to be successful in careers and graduate school.

Mission of the Graduate Programs

The mission of the Masters degree programs in Geology is to prepare a student for continuing education at the doctoral level or a professional career in the geological sciences. The mission of the Ph.D. program is to have all graduates attain peer status with departmental faculty.