Initial Publication Date: April 13, 2015

Mission Statement

Department of Geography & Geology, Illinois State University

The mission of the Geology B.S. program is to promote a scientific understanding of Earth systems - an awareness essential to an environmentally sound and sustainable future for the human race. The specific goals of the I.S.U. Geology program are:

  • To provide all students with the opportunity to learn about the nature of science and basic scientific principles through the study of geology.
  • To introduce all students to the many ways in which geology is interwoven into the fabric of modern civilization.
  • To provide Geology majors with a solid background in the natural sciences.
  • To prepare Geology majors to apply mathematics and computer science as tools for performance in Geology.
  • To provide Geology majors with the range of basic geologic concepts covering the breadth of the discipline.
  • To help students develop the communication analytical quantitative and critical thinking skills necessary for success as a professional scientist.
  • To provide specialized training for those students who wish to pursue entry-level employment following completion of the program while simultaneously ensuring the breadth of academic background for those students who will pursue graduate studies in Geology.