Initial Publication Date: April 13, 2015

Mission Statement

Department of Geological Sciences, California State University, Fullerton

The Department of Geological Sciences is an interdisciplinary educationand research community whose members are active mentors and role-models. We provide a student-centered educational and research experience that emphasizes critical thinking, communication, and scientific citizenship.

Department Vision

Vision statements are grouped into those related to curriculum and teaching; to student-faculty research; and to the Department community, service and outreach.

a) Vision: Curriculum and Teaching

The Department of Geological Sciences strives to:

1. Provide a high quality, field intensive research-based curriculum that
♦ trains students to be effective critical thinkers and communicators who are scientifically literate leaders and citizens.
2. Encourage faculty to
♦ develop innovative pedagogical approaches, teaching methods, and materials that facilitate an effective learning environment;
♦ increase field-based learning opportunities for undergraduate students (geoscience majors and GE students);
♦ promote access and involvement of undergraduate students (geoscience majors and GE students) to laboratory-based research; and
♦ develop inter-departmental curricular offerings.

b) Vision: Student-Faculty Research

The Department of Geological Sciences strives to:

3. maintain and strengthen faculty expertise in fields that includes research in
♦ active Earth processes; and
♦ interactions between the geosphere/hydrosphere/biosphere/atmosphere.
4. enhance interdisciplinary research with colleagues outside of our department.
5. maintain high-level Scholarly and Creative Activity (SCA) in each faculty member's discipline that
♦ results in peer-reviewed publication in respected journals, books, or other written media;
♦ involves undergraduate and graduate students;
♦ brings in external funds; and
♦ increases the visibility of our department in the Earth science community.
6. provide a high quality, competitive, and nationally recognized graduate program that
♦ requires critical thinking;
♦ provides relevant, original research opportunities;
♦ culminates in a publishable thesis of interest to the greater scientific community; and
♦ provides guidance for future career and/or educational goals.
7. provide undergraduate research opportunities that
♦ require critical thinking;
♦ enhance student learning; and
♦ provide guidance for future career and/or educational goals.

c) Vision: Department Community, Service and Outreach

The Department of Geological Sciences strives to:

8. provide a department environment that
♦ encourages collegiality and collaboration between faculty, staff, and students;
♦ works as a group to enhance and promote our department in the college, university, the public eye, and the Earth science community;
♦ nutures ties with alumni and friends.
9. provide service to the department, university and community that
♦ gives our each faculty member, and our department as a whole, a voice in the university community;
♦ cultivates ties with industry;
♦ cultivate ties with scientific organizations;
♦ cultivate ties between geoscience students, educators and geoscientists in the region; and
♦ seeks interdisciplinary research and teaching opportunities with other departments.
10. increase Earth science awareness in the local community by
♦ serving as a resource of knowledge regarding geoscience processes, products and hazards;
♦ contributing to the education of teachers, community leaders, organizations and the public at large; and
♦ becoming the steward, promoter, and developer of Orange County's paleontologic resources.

Additional Information

The 2006 departmental self-study document on the mission and vision statements (Acrobat (PDF) 79kB Jul14 09) provides some background information on how the department and these statements have evolved over time.