Initial Publication Date: June 11, 2015

Geology (BA), Bucknell University

Information for this profile was provided by Christopher G. Daniel in 2009. Information is also available on the program website. Bucknell University is a private four-year institution, primarily undergraduate. Students in this program are pursuing a BA degree.

Program Design & Assessment


Strengths of this program

Types of students served

Program Goals

The goals of this program are as follows:

The learning goals were informed by the following resources:

How program goals are assessed

Design features that allow goals to be met

Alumni Careers

Graduation rate

Careers pursued by our alumni

Courses and Sequencing

Diagram of course sequencing and requirements

Core courses

  • 103 Dynamic Earth (150 Engineering Geology or 106 Environmental Geology may be substituted with permission)
  • 104 Evolution of the Earth
  • 201 Structural Geology
  • 210 Geomorphology
  • 214 Physical Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • 217 Crystallography-Mineralogy

Other required courses

For the Geology Concentration: 

  • Two 200- or 300-level GEOL courses (except for 207, 319, 320, 329, 430)

For the Environmental Geology Concentration: 

  • 205 (Introduction to Geochemistry) AND
  • 1 course from:
  • 301 (Geophysics)
  • 305 (Environmental Geochemistry)
  • 310 (Applied Env. Geomorphology)
  • 324 (Hydrogeology)

Other key features of this program:

Students are encouraged to take a summer field course in geology, to elect additional courses in science and mathematics, and to participate in independent study research opportunities through GEOL 319-320, or through GEOL 329-430, with the latter preferred.

Supporting Materials

Bucknell_Geology_Curriculum (Microsoft Word 29kB Dec19 13)

Bucknell Geology undergraduate outcome goals (Microsoft Word 64kB Dec19 13)