published Jul 10, 2018 10:31am

CURE Development Fellows

With support from the National Science Foundation, CUREnet is sponsoring three groups of CURE Fellows. The first group, CURE Development Fellows, have been selected for their plans to build capacity for CURE instruction at their own campuses and beyond. Joseph Felts at Davidson County Community College will work on transitioning an inquiry course into a CURE by engaging his students in studying plant-derived compounds as biocontrol agents. Lorelei Patrick at University of Minnesota Twin Cities will develop classroom-friendly protocols and a framework for engaging students in using ecological and molecular techniques to examine predator-prey relationships and make recommendations for conservation efforts. Arthur Sikora at Nova Southeastern University will connect with and help to expand the biochemistry CURE network, BASIL (, which involves students in characterizing proteins of unknown function. Cascade Sorte at University of California Irvine will work with colleagues Nancy Aguilar-Roca and Jessica Pratt on developing instructional and assessment materials and approaches to build CURE students' writing skills. Products from their work and stories about their experiences as CURE Development Fellows will be shared on the CUREnet site in the coming year. Applications for addition cohorts of CURE Fellows will go live in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.