Compass Walkthrough Consent Form

Compass: Advancing Earth Education Resource Discovery (administered in online form)

Description of the Project

The Compass project responds the need, identified by the Earth Education community to improve the discoverability of existing, high-quality Earth education resources. The project will focus on three key elements:
  • Improving our understanding of how Earth educators explore the wide array of resources currently hosted by SERC.
  • Using that understanding to drive improvements of the SERC infrastructure and the organization of SERC-hosted materials that will more effectively connect educators with the materials and information they need.
  • Expanding the scope of materials discoverable through SERC tools to include high-quality Earth education materials hosted by partner sites

Methods and Publication

To that end, we seek Earth educators to participate in website walkthroughs and interviews to help us understand how SERC website users navigate the site and use existing tools. We also want to explore how those that have more and less experience on the site approach discovering new resources, to help us better design tools and navigation for both audiences.

Terms of Consent

Your consent here indicates your approval to participate in the study. We seek your consent to use the think-aloud and interviews you provide for research purposes. As a participant, your involvement in the study is purposeful. The researchers will guarantee that the information obtained through all interviews and walkthroughs will be kept confidential. You agree to participate in this study. You have been informed that any information obtained in this study will be kept confidential and that only the research team may determine your identity. All efforts will be made to conceal your identity in the study's report of results and the researchers will make every effort to keep information obtained in this study confidential. You also understand that the honesty and accuracy of your responses are crucial for this study. You understand that your participation is voluntary and you are free to withdraw your consent and discontinue participation in this study, without having to specify a reason, at any time by notifying Ellen Iverson by e-mail You understand that you may report any problems or dissatisfaction to the Institutional Review Board for Research with Human Subjects at Carleton College, c/o Office of the Associate Dean of the College, Carleton College, One North College Street, Northfield MN 55057; telephone (507) 222-4301.