Initial Publication Date: April 2, 2009

Submit Your Project Course Materials

All consortium faculty members are invited to submit samples of their teaching and assessment materials to the project website by completing one or more on-line activity sheets. This will allow other instructors to view practical examples of assignments, classroom activities, instructor handouts, and assessment methods that strengthen students' ability to "state a case." The materials to be submitted need only include those designed to advance some aspect of students' ability to develop and support a point of view -- critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, evaluation and use of evidence, effective speaking, persuasive writing, etc. Stipends are provided once instructors have submitted their activity sheet(s). Instructors can submit materials at any time, even if the course in which the materials are being used is still in process.

The core elements of a State Your Case! activity sheet are (1) an assignment that helps students learn how to "state their case," and (2) an assessment method for tracking the student learning outcomes of the assignment. The sheet also includes a chance to share additional materials related to the assignment, such as notes for instructors, relevant handouts for students, exercises or class activities the students completed prior to doing the assignment, etc. Much of the sheet is structured like a questionnaire that allows you to describe and contextualize your materials so other instructors can find and adapt them to their own teaching needs. Instructors are welcome to update or edit their submissions even after they have been posted on the project website; the Activity Sheet instructions include information about how to do that. If your course includes more than one assignment that you'd like to share, simply complete an additional activity sheet for that assignment and its accompanying materials. It is not necessary to use a different assessment method for each assignment; if you have developed a rubric that's useful for more than one assignment, for instance, simply include the same rubric in both activity sheets.

Faculty are encouraged to review the activity sheet form while planning their demonstration course. Faculty are also encourage to browse course materials submitted by other State Your Case! instructors, additional teaching ideas, and additional assessment ideas.