Presenting Slides or Posters

Many assignments require students to support their arguments visually, using PowerPoint slides, posters, or other visual materials.

Poster Presentation
Visual design, poster, and PowerPoint resources - Rice University
An excellent list of on-line resources developed by the Cain Project in Engineering and Professional Communication. Some of the links are specific to scientific and technical presentations, but many have more general application

Effective PowerPoint presentations - University of California at Los Angeles
A series of PowerPoint slides prepared by the UCLA Office of Research Administration with succinct but useful guidelines for presenters, including suggestions for presenting graphics, graphs, diagrams, and tables 

Good design in PowerPoint - Rice University
Another resource from the Cain project in Engineering and Professional Communication, demonstrating that "a good PowerPoint presentation, like a good argument, shows a unified, coherent structure and uses visual and textual evidence to reinforce its assertions."

Poster presentations - State University of New York at Buffalo
A very large compendium of print and on-line resources for college students and instructors in developing effective poster presentations 

Preparing an effective poster - Bates College
A succinct and useful handout for students from the Writing Workshop Director, including specific suggestions and links to additional resources