State Your Case! Summer 2009 Workshop:

Participant List

Updated 08-11-09

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Workshop facilitators:

Adrienne Christiansen, Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching, Political Science - Macalester (
Chico Zimmerman, Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching, Classics - Carleton (
David Schodt, Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts, Economics - St. Olaf (
Karl Wirth, Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching, Geology - Macalester (
Liz Ciner, Dean of the College Office, English - Carleton (
Jo Beld, Office of Institutional Research and Evaluation, Political Science - St. Olaf (

St. Olaf participants:

Karen Achberger, German (
Wendy Allen, Romance Languages (
Mark Bresnan, English (
Chris Brunelle, Classics (
Heather Campbell, Education (
Doug Casson, Political Science (
David Castro, Music (
Luying Chen, Asian Studies (
Jenny Dunning, English (
Jim Farrell, History, American Studies (
Mary Griep, Art/Art History (
Vicki Harper, Philosophy (
Tim Howe, History (
DeAne Lagerquist, Religion (
Bob McClure, Education (
Mary Walczak, Chemistry (
Irina Walter, Russian Language and Area Studies (
Colin Wells, English (
Molly Westerman, English (

Carleton participants:

Kenneth Abrams, Psychology (
Sharon Akimoto, Psychology (
Palmar Alvarez-Blanco, Spanish (
Cliff Clark, History (
Adrienne Falcon, Sociology (
Iris Jastram, Library (
Christine Lac, French and Francophone Studies (
Susanna Ottaway, History (
Carol Rutz, Writing Program (
Aaron Swoboda, Economics, Environmental Studies (
George Vrtis, History, Environmental Studies (
David Wiles, Theater and Dance (
Harry Williams, History (
Serena Zabin, History (

Macalester participants:

Nancy Bostrom, Institutional Research (
Chatterjea Devavani, Biology (
Janet Folina, Philosophy (
Martin Gunderson, Philosophy (
Erik Larson, Sociology (
Nadya Nedelsky, International Studies (
Patrick Schmidt, Political Science (
Xin Yang, Asian Languages and Cultures (

Beloit participants:

Beatrice McKenzie, History (
Matt Tedesco, Philosophy (