Instructor Compensation

Being a State Your Case! instructor: $300 stipend per demonstration course

A State Your Case! instructor designates one of his or her courses as a project "demonstration course;" offers specific instruction and assignments (existing or new) designed to help students learn to develop and support a point of view; assesses the impact of these activities on student learning; and shares project-related assignments and assessment instruments on the State Your Case! website by completing one or more course activity sheets. The stipend is provided by the instructor's institution once the instructor has submitted the activity sheet(s) to the project website. Participating faculty may designate up to two of their courses as a State Your Case! demonstration course during the project funding period. Instructors should notify the project steering committee members at their institutions about their plans to teach a demonstration course, not only to ensure that stipend arrangements are made, but also to be connected with other interested faculty and faculty development opportunities.