Thinking Critically

Critical thinking pervades the entire process of developing and supporting a point of view.

Foundation for Critical Thinking - Higher education non-profit
The Foundation for Critical Thinking and its companion organization, the Center for Critical Thinking, conducts advanced research and disseminates information both domestically and internationally to support teaching and learning in critical thinking.

Becoming a critic of your thinking - Foundation for Critical Thinking
An article for students written by Linda Elder and Richard Paul, the founding faculty member of the Foundation for Critical Thinking, offering clear and specific suggestions for thinking critically (e.g., how to use examples or analogies to clarify or substantiate a point, what kinds of questions to ask when confronted with a claim or argument, etc.)

Glossary of critical thinking terms - Foundation for Critical Thinking
A compilation of terms and concepts from "analyze" to "world view," with definitions prepared by Richard Paul, the founding faculty member of the Foundation for Critical Thinking

Teaching critical thinking - Questia on-line library
A comprehensive bibliography of on-line resources on teaching critical thinking in college

Teaching for and about critical thinking - California Academic Press
A collection of critical thinking instructional resources for college teachers, including pedagogical strategies, exercises for students, evaluation methods, and research articles, from Insight Assessment, home to the California Critical Thinking series of tests