Clinics provide an opportunity for instructors to work together for an hour or two on project-related teaching and assessment materials for their "demonstration courses," with assistance from one or more members of the project steering committee. Instructors bring drafts of assignments, handouts, assessment instruments, or other materials they hope to use in their courses, and seek feedback from other instructors in the clinic. Or they may just bring ideas and questions, and leave with the beginning of a draft. Meals or substantial refreshments are included.

Clinics can consist of a one-on-one consultation for a single instructor, a small group discussion involving faculty from a single participating campus, or faculty from more than one institution. They can be scheduled during the academic year or during the summer. Collaborations within or across disciplines or departments are encouraged. If you are interested in scheduling a clinic to support one or more of your courses, just contact one of the State Your Case! steering committee members at your institution.