Sustainability From the Inside Out: A Learning Community Guided by Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Cynthia Kennedy and Karen Gaul, The Evergreen State College


This year-long, interdisciplinary, learning community explored the challenges inherent in pursuing sustainable living in today's world and offered concrete tools to move toward a positive global future. Based on the idea that effective community action stems from careful self-reflection, the program focused on a simultaneous journey inward as well as outward.

Course Size:
Two faculty and 48 students

Institution Type:
Four-year undergraduate liberal arts college

Course Context:

This was a three-quarter program for first-year students and did not serve as a prerequisite for other courses. Students undertook a major research project which culminated in a 20-page paper, engaged in substantial amounts of service work, and developed personal practices which helped them commit to sustainable practices and intentional living.


Writing skills: short seminar response papers, longer essays, one major research paper with multiple drafts, self and faculty evaluations, weekly "awareness" sheets documenting personal practice
Analytic reading skills: seminar papers, weekly seminar discussions
Critical thinking skills: essays, seminar papers, seminar discussions, journal
Collaboration skills: group projects including service work, meal and retreat planning, weekly study & writing peer groups

In addition, we held regular individual conferences with each student a minimum of three times each quarter.


Teaching Materials:

  • Prospectus and research project (Microsoft Word 41kB Mar2 12) Three-quarter long assignment. Fall quarter, students developed a research question and conducted research. Winter quarter they wrote a 20-page research paper and spring quarter they created an applied project to tie it all together.
  • Work and Practice Record sheet (Microsoft Word 41kB Mar2 12) A record sheet that students filled out each week to become aware of their work practices as well as their practices in sustainability.
  • Stuff assignment (Microsoft Word 24kB Mar2 12) A research assignment designed to help students visualize what happens around the world in order to create a product (and to use the library).
  • Sustainable solutions Assignment #1 (Microsoft Word 30kB Mar2 12) Students research specific examples of sustainable solutions in the areas of energy, transportation, food, water, design, education, or any solution to a particular problem. They articulate why the solution is sustainable, how it meets the needs of people or other species, what materials and skills are used in the solution, as well as some unsustainable aspects of the solution
  • Unplug (Microsoft Word 24kB Mar2 12) Students unplug from technology for a week-end
  • Seva: Service Description (Microsoft Word 24kB Mar2 12) Description of the service learning component of winter quarter
  • Seva: Service Assignment #3 (Microsoft Word 26kB Mar2 12) Students reflect on their service learning, and make explicit links to program materials and activities.
  • Yama assignment (Microsoft Word 46kB Mar2 12) A ten-week experiment examining how placing our attention on one the five yamas (non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, right use of sexual energy and non-greediness) might or might not have some effect on our lives. We focused on one yama every two weeks.
  • Jigsaw (Microsoft Word 41kB Mar2 12) Each student is dependent on three or four others in a peer learning group for success in learning the assigned material in a text. Each student is accountable for teaching one section of the text to the others and for learning the rest of the text from the others.

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