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An Intentional Media Diet
Christina Serkowski, University Prep English Department
It's not just that we are what we eat, it's that we are what we consume. In the same way that the food we eat becomes our bodies, the media to which we pay attention, and the conversations in which we ...

Buddhist Environmentalisms
Rachel DeMotts, University of Puget Sound
This course examines the intersections of a Buddhist worldview with environmentalism, broadly understood. It asks what affinities exist between the two, and what the implications of such affinities might be for ...

Writing to Explore Food Systems and Food Justice
Kathleen Byrd, South Puget Sound Community College
This is a theme-based English 101 course that explores our food consumption habits and connects those habits to local and global food systems in order to understand issues of food justice personally, in our local ...

Climate Change: An Elective for the "Natural World" Requirement
Julie Masura, University of Washington-Tacoma Campus
Climate Change is a quarter-long course offered to both science majors and non-majors as a general university requirement elective. The course uses classroom activities to explore evidence of climate change and ...

Service Learning and Food Security
Christie Flynn, Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom
Service Learning and Food Security is a two-credit course that uses practical examples, local demographics, and community connections to examine issues of food security. Students connect classroom learning with ...

Ethics and Climate Change
Lauren Nichols, University of Washington-Bothell Campus
This course addresses ethical issues related to climate change such as: Why is climate change an ethical issue? What would constitute a just allocation of the burdens of climate change? In what ways does ...

Water and Sustainability
Robert Turner, University of Washington-Bothell Campus
This course provides a framework for students to learn about sustainability as a cultural ideal and point of contention, and more specifically about our water future and ways we might define and achieve ...

Sustainability in Action
Lia Wetzstein, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at University of Washington Tacoma
This is a seminar course for students throughout campus. It exposes students to ideas, theories, and practices of sustainability and what stands in its way. Students use their campus to empirically research ...

Sustainable World: An Introductory Course for Sustainability Majors & Minors at a Large University
Sonya Remington, Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus
The course is lecture- and discussion-based with a 1.5 hour lecture each week taught by the professor for 65+ students and a 1.5 hour 'breakout session' each week taught by a TA with 20 - 30 students. It is an introduction to sustainability focused on human-nature interactions and the problem-solving methods of sustainability science.

Introduction to Sustainable Practices
Rebeca Rivera, University of Washington-Bothell Campus
This course looks critically at a diverse arena of ideas, theories and practices around sustainability. We examine these ideas, theories practices as part of larger socio-ecological systems and look at how they fit ...