Instructional and Assessment Materials from NICHE

This page provides examples of course specific QR instructional and assessment materials from faculty/instructors who have participated in our Numeracy Infusion Course for Higher Education (NICHE). They are listed in alphabetical order by discipline.

Accounting (Principles of Accounting) Developed by Anonymous Faculty Member.

Economics and Business (Introductory Statistics) Developed by Dene Hurley

General Education (City Seminar) Developed by Rebecca Walker

General Education (Honors Seminar -- Science and Technology in New York) Developed by Nathalia Holtzman

Management (Decision Making) Developed by Heidi Bertels

Political Science (The American Presidency) Developed by Andrew Sidman

Psychology (Psychology of Aging) Developed by Rebecca K. West

Psychology (Research in Psychology) Developed by Debra Swoboda

Sociology (Research Methods) Developed by Elin Waring

Sociology (Sociology of Death, Dying and Bereavement) Developed by Esther Wilder

Additional Materials

English (Literature) Developed by Esther Wilder