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Group 3 - Friday Afternoon Assessment Brainstorming Session

Renee Faatz, William Locke, Lois Ongley, (Cathy Manduca)

Free form of things we have tried, think would be a good idea or want help with re: assessing

Final assessement - reflection, good idea, How does one set up the expectation of depth required from students in their thoughts and encourage more interesting answers than "I learned a lot about X and had fun"

Understanding teaching metacognition may help us better define questions we ask the students. Renee read a question SL assignment 1 on Recycling White Paper ( 32kB Feb5 10) she used asking students to relate paper recycling with concepts the students have studied. To get the answers you want: specify topics, with formative assessment; do it as a group; be neutral won value of "project";ask students to devlop the final reflection questions. Students may not know how to write good argumentative paragraphs.

teaching metacognition

Teaching Argument

In big classes, downweight lowest performance by 5% as a safety factor. Student's best work gets emphasized in teh event that one type of assessment doesn't work well for a particular student.

Student uncertainty has a negative impact on student performance.

SL projects may be confusing as they are not the "norm" for teaching and learning.

Assessing project management - if ball is dropped, who picks it up? real-time reorganization; good professional skill.

Student presentation at end of semester conferences.

Short- term formative rewards as opposed to punishments

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