Workshop Program

8:30am-12pm, Thursday, October 25, 2007.

  • Welcome and introduction (8:30-8:40) - Jeff Johnston
  • The Affective Field and the Classroom Environment (8:40-9:40) - James Rhem
  • Break (9:40-9:50)
  • Working on dilemmas from the affective domain (9:50-11:30)- Cathy Manduca & Jeff Johnston

    This part of the workshop introduces the use of dilemmas as a tool for engaging faculty in discussions of the affective domain in their teaching. First we will spend time discussing and writing solutions to dilemmas that involve the affective domain. We will then reflect on our experiences with the dilemmas and explore how they might be used at our home institutions.
  • Interactive summary of self reflection exercise (11:30-12:00) - Ed Nuhfer

    In the final part of this workshop, Ed Nuhfer will explore how the affective domain directs the choices and actions of students, teachers and faculty developers and why measures of affect should be a part of assessment.

    Do your best to complete the knowledge survey and self reflection exercises , downloadable from the bottom of this page, before arriving at the workshop.