The Affective Field and the Classroom Environment

James Rhem

Executive Editor, National Teaching & Learning FORUM
See the PowerPoint presentation from the workshop, The Affective Field and Classroom Environment (PowerPoint 1023kB Oct26 07)


Perhaps the central point I want to make in what I have to say about affect is perhaps something of a departure from the discussions one usually finds. By that I mean I want to emphasize what might be called "environmental factors" such as the field of trust between professor and students. This "affective field" is delicate, but entwined with the cohesion and progress of the class and the kind and quality of the learning by the students. Or so it seems to me.

I will use two film clips each about six minutes long. The first is from the classic "Good Bye Mr Chips" (1939). This clip spans five short scenes in the movie beginning with a naï