K-8 Lesson Plans Developed by Pre-Service Teachers

The lesson plans and associated materials on this page were developed by students in the Integrated Science Methods and Introductory Geology course at St. Norbert College. This year-long course sequence integrates the teaching of science methods for elementary pre-service teachers with an introductory geology course. Students learn the basic concepts and skills of geology, in conjunction with how to teach those concepts and skills to elementary students. To fulfill the requirement of science methods in the education program, students must complete both parts of the year long sequence. Developing curricular materials for K-8 science classes is a requirement of the course.

Jump down to curricular materials about Climate change * Earth systems and cycles * Formation of the Earth * Freshwater measurement and conservation * Natural disasters * Plate Tectonics: Processes, Mountains, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes

Climate Change

Lesson plans by Marissa Vyskocil and Aly Tomey

Earth Systems and Cycles: Plate Tectonics, Water, and Erosion

Lesson plans by Lauren Adams, Meghan McGorey, Rachel Pischke

Formation of the Earth

Lesson plans by Melissa Ballestad, Kaitlyn Hintz, and Peter Schnell

Freshwater Measurement and Conservation

Lesson plans by Teagan Wernicke and Ashley Conroy

Natural Disasters

Lesson plans by Meg Curi and Emily Bach

Plate Tectonics: Processes, Mountains, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes

Lesson plans by Tess Zukowski and Rachel Schulteis