Heather Macdonald

Chancellor Professor of Geology
Department of Geology
College of William & Mary
PO Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795 rhmacd@wm.edu


Background Information

Heather Macdonald has been teaching in the Department of Geology at the College of William and Mary since 1983. She was Dean of Undergraduate Studies in Arts and Science from 1994-1996; during that time she also served as the Chief Transfer Officer at the College. She has been Chair of the Geology Department and is currently Co-Director of the Marine Science Minor Program. Her awards include the Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award given by the College of William and Mary, an Outstanding Faculty Award given by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia, the Biggs Award given by the Geological Society of America, and the Neil Miner Award given by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.

Related Pedagogical Projects

She is involved in the following projects:

She worked with Mark Maier and Katherine Rowell on a project on Supporting community college faculty across the STEM disciplines.

She is also on the Advisory Board of COACh for Scientists and Engineers, which assists in the success and impact of women scientists and engineers. As part of COACh International, she is working with Geraldine Richmond and Kathy Cashman on a project on Developing Sustainable Networks of Women Scientists for Addressing Issues of Tectonic Hazards.