Activity summary

Initial Publication Date: October 28, 2012

On-campus events

  • Stu Shafer Workshop to increase faculty use of professional society resources
  • Peggy Renner Workshop to increase faculty use of professional society resources
  • James Wysong Working group on cross-disciplinary ways to maximize student success
  • Tom Higgins Workshop for full-time and adjunct instructors during Faculty Development Week
  • Bruce Yoshiwara Workshop to increase math faculty awareness of resources available
  • Robin Lightner email to colleagues about resources available from APA
  • Scott Schultz STEM conference on skills students need for success
  • Stacey Kiser and David Vorhees on Undergraduate Research


Grant possibilities

  • Expansion of SERC Pedagogy in Action/ Starting Point: Interest from engineering, psychology, political science (already underway in geosciences and economics) See possible plan (Microsoft Word 25kB Oct28 12)
  • Paul Gordy working with David Vorhees (scholarships and mentoring for engineering students)
  • Supporting new faculty: interest from sociology building on previous work in physics
  • Expanding sociology's TRAILs program

National meetings

Subsidized attendance

  • Physics and geosciences have funding. Interest from engineering

Use of virtual attendance

  • Plans to experiment in economics, geosciences

New ideas for sessions

  • Breakfasts: sociology
  • Welcome mat used in astronomy
  • Preconference workshops: engineering,
  • Leadership workshop: physics, economics

Promoting 2yc as career path

  • Why teach at a 2yc: Interest in developing materials for economics, psychology, math, sociology
  • How to get a job at a 2yc: Paper available from political science; interest in sociology, political science, math

Promoting the major

  • Interest from economics, geosciences.
  • Create template pages to be used on campus websites: why major in xx?
  • Include short videos featuring people in the field showing what a a career in xx looks like. Best if young people who look like our students 


Webinars featuring 'cutting edge' ideas

  • Currently underway in economics and geoscience. Experts present on new ideas in the discipline. Key is to promote thinking about how these ideas can be used in the 2yc curriculum
  • Interest from sociology, psychology



  • Chemistry has creative ideas 

Surveys/data base

  • Need better ways to keep track of 2yc faculty, both those engaged with association, and those not yet engaged
  • We need data on who teaches, where, how
  • Interest from political science, engineering, geography, sociology, economics
  • Surveys have been conducted in some disciplines: physics, sociology and ?

Undergraduate research

  • Lots of interest in promoting this approach: chemistry, biology, math, psychology
  • Plan for on-campus workshops by Stacey Kiser, Lane Community College (OR) Biology and David Voorhees, Waubonsee Community College (IL) Geoscience


Meeting of association staff

Planned meeting in DC for sociology, geography and psychology staff

Note: new leadership positions by Stacey Kiser, Lane Community College (OR) Biology and Carolyn Calhoon, Yakima Valley Community College (WA), English








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