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Using Spreadsheets to Teach Economics

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Because much of economics is quantitative and model-driven, spreadsheets are a natural tool to use in teaching economics.

What can Spreadsheets Do for Economics Teachers?

Spreadsheets not only speed calculation so more examples may be covered, they allow students to explore models that are too complex for undergraduates to solve analytically. As such, using spreadsheets increases the breadth and depth of what a course can cover.

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Useful tools for economists

Spreadsheet programs may be used to assist with such core learning activities as:

Furthermore, spreadsheets can be integrated with a a variety of assignments and settings and may be tailored to support or replace technical skills. However, implementing a spreadsheet activity may take some care. Find more information about how to teach with spreadsheets Furthermore, while some spreadsheet tools are straightforward to find and use, others are hidden or take some know-how. The spreadsheet tools page provides and overview of some spreadsheet tools and gives instructions on how to use these tools in Excel. Basic information on how to use Excel can be found on the What is Excel page of the Mathematics and Statistical Models SERC module.

Economics Examples

Nearly any topic in economics can be approached using spreadsheets, as suggested by the examples above. A large number of examples have already been developed for use by instructors:
If you have examples you would like to share, a submission would be much appreciated. SERC does not claim any copyright for submitted materials, though if an example is published elsewhere, it is your responsibility to gain permission to repost it here. Submit an example for review

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