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To have your records QA'ed

To do QA

Let the cataloger know if you can't get the records done in their time frame, and when you will be able to do them. To access the records for QA:
  1. Go to SERC Admin
  2. Click on resource cataloging tools
  3. Click on cataloged resources
  4. Enter the master ID number in the box next to edit this record
    Screen shot of how to access a Dublin core record for editing
  5. Hit edit this record and the record will appear.
  6. Don't change the record itself! That's up to the cataloger.
  7. Hit view as plain text
  8. Copy the entire record, then paste into a Word document.
  9. Suggest changes in red text, and deletions in strikethrough font (format/font/strikethrough)
  10. Alternatively, use 'track changes' option in Word.
  11. Go to the next record by entering the master ID number in the box at the bottom of the page.
  12. Put all records in the same Word document.
  13. Attach it to an e-mail to the cataloger.

Things to check for QA

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