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Is the New Madrid Seismic Zone at risk for a large earthquake? part of Online Teaching:Activities for Teaching Online
In this lesson we discuss the controversy regarding the extent of seismic risk in the central United States today. We learn how to estimate earthquake recurrence interval using a variety of methods. This lesson ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
Learn more about this review process.

Accretionary vs. erosive subduction margins part of MARGINS Data in the Classroom:Mini Lesson Collection 2014
This module examines the nature and variability of subduction margins through examination of data sets that document subduction zone inputs, deformation, and resulting morphology in different settings.

The spectrum of fault slip part of MARGINS Data in the Classroom:Mini Lesson Collection 2014
Introduction to the different types of slip behaviors that can occur on subduction thrust, and comparative analysis of data sets derived from earthquakes and slow slip events to learn to discriminate among events.

VEPP: Working with the VEPP website in an online M.Ed. course part of NAGT:Teaching Resources:Volcano Exploration Project: Pu`u `O`o:Examples
Students explore the VEPP website and complete a two-part problem set in which they work through the ideas presented in an EOS paper regarding eruptions at Kilauea and they try to find a deflation-inflation event ...

Pre-instructional activities to prepare students for online learning part of Online Teaching:Activities for Teaching Online
Students get low-stakes practice doing many of the tasks they will have to complete later on the course such as navigating the course website, turning in an assignment to a dropbox, and posting to a discussion ...

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Teaching inservice teachers with authentic data in an online environment part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Previous Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2016:Program:Poster Sessions:Tuesday
An overarching goal of the Master of Education in Earth Sciences program at Penn State University is to expose excellent and enthusiastic teachers to primary scientific research in Earth science so they can master ...